Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Hubristic President

Here's how I see it..............for what its worth. The "Health Care" bill is, and will continue to be one of the biggest political blunders I've ever witnessed. I can't help shake my head, not in disgust, but in amazement. This platter of tripe, if passed will be served to the President proudly (by his staff hopefully they say before the State of the Union) so that he can gloat over his crowning achievement made for the people of this country, NOT. Oh, and of course this will come with a price tag in more then one way. First, and thank god, the Republicans will take control back from the imploding Democrats, and hopefully by the grace of God help guide the President back to the middle.

What a stupid miscalulation. I hate it when our elected officals ignore the voters, not a little but alot. We are, after all use to our politians ignoring us, but not at this level! This administration has treated the citizen's of this country like mushrooms in a closet. He (the President and his administration) open's the door occassionally to see if we're still all here, throws a bit of dung on us for good measure, then shuts the door again. How loud did we have to be - WE DIDN'T WANT THE HEALTH CARE BILL AS A FIRST PRIORITY! Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, how many damn times did we tell him we wanted jobs, economic stability, debt reduction and the safety of our country as the top priorities. Instead we have a pork barrel health care bill not worth the paper it's written on (I digress) and a whole year wasted on the damn thing. Oh and thanks for those charming town hall meeting that most assuredly divided the country on Standardized Health Care if not turned us off to the idea nearly completetly. But, this administration pushed on in defiance................the people are too small minded for such a matter, they are getting Health Care no matter who "we" have to bribe to get it.

Wow. I voted for this extreme Leftist. Yes, he sounded different and he made me believe he could be different, not a Righty or a Lefty. He had "que l'air special" about him. Yes, downright hubristic is what he is! It would seem to me, this bill was only important to him. I was tricked! Boy oh boy, I know I'm not the only one feeling that way at the moment.

Now, let's recap the issues that the voters most wanted addressed and see where we are currently on those issues, issues largely ignored over the past year. First - Jobs; Still losing them. Second - Debt Reduction/Economic Stabalization; The Health Care Bill if passed will add billions to the debt and if hitting the bottom of the great recession is stabalization then............well call it what you want. Third - Safety of our Country; Holy cow we need not elucidate any further on this one. Did the President actually give himself a B-. Hubristic don't you think? Let's not discuss al Qaeda or Afganistan, I might puke.

Obama has almost single handedly ignored one of the worst economic conditions in our country to focus on priorites that only matter to him. He failed to take care of the farm, or the mushrooms at least. Pride has failed him. He was unable to shift his focus for the good of his party or people and now when he needs the goodwill of the people he'll have none. Oh, there will be some support from the 25 - 30% who say they still support him, but I suspect they'll be the same voter's escorting the Democratic out of office. I don't think there will be any questions about which party will be in control of the House and Senate by year's end. That said, I hope the Republicans have learned from their own dumb ass mistakes and take this opportunity to lift this President up and do the right things for this country. Stand for what's good and serve the people and for God Sake listen to people - even when they come via "the polls"!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Where does time fly ---

Time doesn't fly. We allow time to fly by us. Hardly allowing notice to the fine things in life. It's sad really. People who are dying have the gift of seeing the beauty in every moment. Be still for just one moment and see love.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Computer Addiction

Where does time fly too? Really, I've spent most of the day trying to clean the virus (more then one) from our primary family computer which has been grossly abused by my daughters and their friends. I want to choke the sh*t out of them! Yes............throw them down, gouge them in one eye (only one) and then choke them. Urrrrr. This is an awesome machine they screwed up and I'm the damn geek in the house. Trust me, I don't look like one. Yes, I'd say I'm a bit of a witch, too bad I don't have a few spells handy! OMG, I just realized my jaw is locked. Breathe!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Outlander Poll

I have been trying to picture in my minds eye who would best look like Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser. I can't quite get her nailed down yet. I am a new reader to the Outlander series and am highly entertained with the book and am looking forward to the next six to be sure! So who would you pick as an actress that would best describe her?